Subjective Interpretations

by Ansäa

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released January 9, 2011



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Ansäa Toulouse, France

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Track Name: Don't look at your feet
Drowning yourself
Under a sea of torments
Are a quite heavy cross

It’s not my fault, I mean
Even it’s mine
I’ve got enough arguments:
Social influence, a bad management,
Naughty, naughty, naughty hands
Witch are dragging me
Into the depths
How could a fish change the flow?
How could?

Don’t you know
That you’re always able to act against emptiness?

Explain me why
My life’s so empty
My wife’s so crazy
I can’t guess on my own
Oh no! My child is born!
Oh no!
Oh no!


My feet are just perfect
Don’t you find at all?
Shit happens to the bests
Can I sometimes fall?

Don’t look at your feet
Don’t look at the ground

I do what they said
I think what they think
I’m a shadow of my childhood
Who can swallow a spoon of wood
Tell me how could I understood
Can I borrow something good?

Shut up
Get up
And react
It’s not god’s law who can save
Your own person create that
Futures, present are not written
Track Name: Interpretations of Discussions
The distance of the sign is too far from me
Defiance human kind is too easy to me
To dissect the facts
And rebuild the past
Smelling the dust
To image the burst

Interpretations of discussions

The ethics is for the ones who care
Epic, this is your mind
Hypocrite, listen what you declare
Now follow him, into this sleepy life
And die for him, this is your mind

Interpretations of discussions


Animals are too stupid to think
Animals, stupid to think

You are kidding me

I am an animal

I am so curious
It kills cat what pity
Dog is tolerate
Cause it’s a slave to his master
I look for rebelling
I don’t look for hate
I know that a question
Can destroy a civilization

Interpretations of discussions

Just save your mind from the blind
Track Name: One by One
One by one
Faces of opposite
Conflicts to unite them
Starring each other
Debate is a struggle
Reflects are not the same
Creation, discussion, to find a solution

Some theories of the world

Have the ideas
Not the dogmas
Built your own mind
Everybody’s blind


Ego alter subject
Resonance but no distance
Abstinence coexistence

Resistance of persistence
Subsistence and existence

Consistence of the last chance
Abstinence coexistence

Consistence of the last chance
Track Name: Knowledge of the Ignorance
Plague’s approaching believers now
Until the judgment came down
Why aren’t they afraid of me?
Faith only to dazzle them
Single theme of their anthem
Mine is to open them to see

That the knowledge
May be a pledge

Are you ready to live the final act?
Conclusion of your own lack
The faith will save illuminates
From your lovable quest of hate
Questions aren’t the disgrace

Leave as you see
Be what you are
Questions inside you
Hear your request
Sanctuary of the ignorance
Ghost entries
No more luminance

Evidences are falling into pieces
I cannot remember since when
I hear this anthem
I want to be their second guide
But they’re just too proud
Track Name: Victims of the Martyrs
I pray for
Nothing in the sky
I see just myself
So blind by sunshine

No reward
If I change
My way Of live
Just myself
So blind by sunshine

Would you enter at this moment in my personal beliefs?
Could you reflect?
I think you should
Shame on the god sending

Would you carry at the present the wooden heavy cross?
Young Eve,
Could you reflect ?
Think you should
Shame on the god fearing.

No way

Screaming above evil
For things that you’ve done
And never assume
Blaming fatality
When Hypocrisy
Hides the final act

You are the victim of the martyrs

Making one by one
Every Stations of the Cross